About Us

About Us

Cord cutters are you still looking out for the best TV antenna? Confused about so many reviews present online? I have been receiving a lot of phone calls asking “Whether I miss my cable service?” “The Streaming services are so costly?”

Surely I no longer miss my cable. Instead I am more than happy to cut the cord and move ahead for other alternatives.
This website is a medium to bridging the gap among most of the cord cutters. My site provides information on various Antennas available in the market and many more such posts related to antennas.


This website has been designed to basically share with my viewers all about television antennas. The information can be related to:

  • The top TV antenna models which work well
  • Boosting the range of antenna
  • Amplifier, Yes or No
  • How to receive maximum number of channels
  • Process of installing the antenna
  • How to purchase a TV antenna?
  • Other cable alternatives
  • Entertainment devices

Cutting the cord and getting my television setup in place was not an easy task. It was a learning experience for me. With so much of information provided online and some hands-on experience, it taught me a lot of things. It made me an expert when it comes to watching Free TV through a TV antenna.
My friends and relatives are amazed on how am I able to view all of the programs without cable. This has brought forward a lot of questions. Hence the thought of starting this website as a knowledge sharing platform.


With daily expenses on the rise, people are spending more on cable or satellite services than on other items. I have experienced the dreaded feeling of not wanting to open my cable bill every month to see yet another hidden charges.

We all want to save that extra money wherever possible, then why not start from the cable service itself.

Our website would be spilling the beans and sharing all the secrets about TV antennas ranging from the best among the top and the latest updates.