AirTV Player Review

AirTV Player Review

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Cutting the cord has proved to be one of the best decisions when it comes to saving finances. But at the same time, thinking about switching to multiple devices for watching my favourite program seems frustrating.

I have been hearing a lot from the cord cutters whether old or new. They complaint that it is tiresome to switch between so many devices after cutting the cord. Just to watch their favourite shows along with local channels, they had go in for a TV antenna, two or more devices and few online streaming services.

Imagine switching between Chromecast, Firestick or Apple TV all day.

Seems too much of a work.

Are you wondering whether there is any way out of this?
The answer is “Yes”.

AirTV Player is the answer to your doubts and frustrations. Though one cannot claim it as a perfect device. But surely there are a lot of things to like about this product.
You can term it as an all-in-one device for your entertainment needs.

What is AirTV Player?

The AirTV Player is your own personal TV watching assistant. This little box can do so many wonders. You can make use of it to watch streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime or Netflix along with Apple TV or Android TV. The best part is, you can also watch live shows from the local channels.

Isn’t it a great product that allows for streaming online content along with local channels.

With an AirTV Player you can watch:

  • Local broadcast channels and live sports coming from your TV antenna
  • Online streaming content from Amazon, Hulu, Sling etc.
  • Operate and watch content from streaming devices such as Android TV, Chromecast etc.

Is this list enough. No, it is not. You can also use it for connecting to your Google Play and get access to music, games and different apps.

Surprised by the benefits offered by this little box.

Let me clarify your doubt. AirTV player is not a scam or an illegal product.

Instead it is a truly legal product that holds true to its claims.


AirTV Player first connects to the AirTV Adapter.

This Adapter connects to the antenna.

When all three of these are synchronized and properly connected, then it allows you to watch all of your favourite programs. So you can get access to local sports, news along with online streaming content without the need to switch between multiple devices.


  • This device is compatible with various Android Bluetooth devices, game controllers, headphones and headsets.
  • It has a built-in remote finder along with a Wi-Fi Connection
  • Supports 1080p and future technology of 4K.


None of us would want to daily switch between multiple devices for watching your favourite programs. This is the age of technology advancement hence there should be things that make life easier. AirTV is a gift of technology that provides ease in watching our favourite shows.
The AirTV adapter allows the AirTV player to connect to the antenna and also use the online streaming services with the help of Wi-Fi connection.

Though this is a great addition to every home, but there are certain downsides which can surely be changed for betterment if possible:

  • If the box also included an OTA antenna as an option, then it would be great package. Else you have to unnecessarily spend extra bucks to buy a TV Antenna separately.
  • If the AirTV Player had an additional HDMI port, then it would have been much easier.

Overall this is a great deal. Instead of hassling among too many devices, this product eases all that stress and you can watch enjoy your favourite programs. The installation is also easy and simple.

A recommended product for those who juggle with two to four devices just for watching TV.

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