Clearstream Micron XG

Clearstream Micron XG

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Antennas Direct always brings out something new in each of their product. In the DTV antenna technology, they launched their newest innovation. Antennas Direct introduced two models under their best-selling ClearStream Micron Antennas.

The Clearstream antennas are surely best in terms of design as well as technology. Micron XG is a great Clearstream product and a highly recommended product after Eclipse.

Micron XG is an indoor television antenna with a built-in booster for ensuring that the viewers get the best signal reception. Being a long range indoor antenna, it promises its viewers to cover the range of 35miles. This means that you are sure to receive more than expected number of channels.
There is no doubt that Micron XG is great in terms of features and performance but at the same time one cannot overlook its sturdy and bulky structure. When compared to its competitors, this model of ClearStream is way on the bulkier side.


Let us have a look at some of the features presented in the ClearStream Micron XG.

  • Crystal clear and crisp picture quality with Full 1080p HD
  • Covers a range of 35miles
  • Reflector
  • Each of its parts is under lifetime warranty
  • You also get a 6feet long coaxial cable
  • 20dB gain/inline amplifier


ClearStream has been manufacturers of world-class antennas. The company is also known for providing long warranties on their antenna parts. Apart from that, they also provide the much needed cable so that you can readily get it installed at the right location in the home.

No matter how good the antenna you have purchased, but when the surrounding is not clear it would not be able to carry out its duty. There are certain things that the users would need to bear in mind when it comes to the antenna signal reception:

  • If there are any kind of obstructions in between the tower and your location. Few examples include, trees, hills, buildings, valleys etc.
  • What is the exact location of the broadcasting station?
  • The surrounding building materials
  • Electronic interference in the home itself
  • Broadcasting tower range

All of these tend to have an effect on the strength and the quality of signal received by the antenna. In case if you find that the antenna is not able to pick up the necessary channels or the signal quality is not great then there is a need to reposition the antenna. You may need to move the antenna around in the room so that it points towards the tower.

Talking about the installation part of Micron XG, the setup is quite simple and easy.

All that is required to be carried out is to attach the 6feet long coaxial cable to the antenna. The other part of the cable should be plugged to the port of the television. Every television unit has an input port. You would need to plug in the other end of the cable inside this port.

For you to watch all of the favourite programs without any issue, there is a need to tightly attach the cable. Many a times, when people face signal issue the real problem lies in loose cable connection. Thus it is very much required to ensure that the antenna and the TV port have the cable attached with a comfortable fitting.


One of the best part about Micron XG is that there are two options of placing this antenna:

  • Tabletop: Due to the bulky nature of the antenna, the manufacturers have provided the option of placing it on the table. When the antenna is placed close to the television unit then it looks more like an internet router. Some may find it as a great option but for some it may not work. One of the reasons the tabletop setup may not work is due to the distance of the broadcasting tower. If the TV station is far then probably you may need to mount it on the wall so that it can pick up better signal.
  • Wall Mount: The wall mounting is a common setup that is seen with most of the antennas. Wall mounting would mean better position of the antenna so that it can pick better reception signal. All you would need to do is find the right spot on the wall to place the antenna. Once you get the right place, just mount it with the accessories provided. However, for those who are really concern about their home interiors should rethink about wall mounting. This antenna would be sticking out of the wall due to the sturdy look. Hence it may seem to be quite an odd design against a beautiful wall or design.


Once the process of setting up the antenna is completed, you would be surprised by the number of channels that show up. Most of these channels would be in Full HD quality. When I had installed this antenna, it was quite a surprise for me when some of the top rated channels started showing up.

CW, Fox, ABC, PBS, MeTV, NBC, and many more such top broadcasted networks were available with this antenna.

Along with this antenna, you also get an attached 20dB amplifier. It helps to further amplify the signal. But how well it would work, completely depends on the location of the tower and the quality of signal. For some it would act as a savior whereas for some it may act negatively.

For those who reside in area wherein the tower is within the 35mile range with zero to less obstructions then this product is great. You are sure to receive crisp and crystal clear picture along with a lot of channel.

But those who have tower further away from 35miles would have fewer chances of getting good reception. Though this is a common issue among all of the antennas.

This product also offers elimination of RFI. This would occur due to a shield that tends to reflect the interference. When there is less interference, it means you would receive best quality signal without any interference.

Follow all of the instructions mentioned on the manual and you can call in the customer service team for any issues.

The Micron XG by Clearstream Highlights

Inline Amplifier

Inline Amplifier

Inline Amplifier


  • Full HD Support with clear picture quality
  • Wall Mounting or Tabletop mounting options available


  • Expensive when compared with other company models at the same range
  • Signal range may vary based on tower location and obstructions.
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