Highline TV Antenna

Highline TV Antenna

Product Rating
Channel Availability
HD Quality
Easy Setup
Total Rating 96%

Great TV Great Savings

Staying informed and entertained doesn’t have to mean crying at the sight of that sky-high cable or satellite bill. Cut the cord and experience news, drama, sitcoms, sports, cartoons and documentaries completely free of charge! The Highline TV 50 indoor amplified TV antenna gives you free-for-life access to local over-the-air channels such as NBC, FOX, ABC, PBS, and CW (subject to availability). All in high definition TV with 4K clarity.

Experience the Difference

Over the last few years, we’ve reviewed almost every TV antenna on the market, so we know exactly what it takes to create an antenna that works. While others use low-quality coaxial cables that compromise signal quality, our multi-directional antenna comes with an extra-thick cable for extra-clear images. While others leave you hanging when it matters most, ours comes with US-based customer service, access to a comprehensive website with a wealth of info, and even MORE

Here are more reasons to love this HDTV antenna:

  • Has a signal-boosting amplifier
  • Is reversible (black & white) to complement any space
  • Extra-long 12ft cable gives you freedom of placement
  • Ultra-flat design keeps it discreet
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes and thumbtacks for quick install
  • Picks up over-the-air channels within 30-50 miles
  • Backed by a no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee

Start enjoying free TV in HD clarity completely risk-free!

Package Includes:

  • Reversible HD indoor antenna
  • Signal boosting amp
  • 12ft coaxial cable w/ premium connectors
  • (2) 3M tabs

HighLine TV Antenna Highlights

Get Your Favorite Channels In HD

Get Your Favorite Channels In HD

Get Your Favorite Channels In HD


  • Multidirectional signal allows for easy setup
  • Crystal-clear clarity with 1080p HD
  • Long, amplified range
  • 30-day warranty


  • Shipping times can be slow


I’m willing to wait for the HighLineTV because it works better than the competition. I’m willing to wait an extra day or two to save hundreds of dollars a year on cable premiums.

You’ll receive up to 90+ of 100 of the top channels. The antenna works in every Country doesn’t matter if you are in USA, Australia, UK, Canada etc… As long as you are in a 30mile range or if you have the amplifier up to 50 mile range from the next broadcast tower.

Channels that aren’t on Netflix or HULU will be yours for free.

It’s an investment in entertainment. Sure, the ads are a bit much, but for the most part, the ads meet their promises.

The TV antenna is so easy and inexpensive, and with free shipping and the 100% money back guarantee they are offering if you don’t love it, there’s really no reason not to order your HighLineTV right now!

HighLineTV works. Television is FREE.

I really approve this product.

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