Rising cable TV prices have led to a new movement across the country. More and more people are bidding adieu to the cable TV. It seriously seems weird that even after cutting ties with the cable service providers, how they try to trap you into their promises. They offer exciting and promising contracts but those are only for temporary purpose. The cable service industry is predatory wherein it just likes to take more and more from the viewers. The consumer is mostly left with rising bill prices at the end of the month.

Consumers have to pay the price for those channels that they do not even watch.

By now, you all must be well aware that TV antennas are very much legal and there is no scam about them.

The channels that you receive through TV antennas are all true and free. But some of you may receive just a few of them instead of the 50 or 70 channels promised by the company.
You can receive a lot of channels through the TV antenna but it is dependent on various factors. These factors are not considered by most of the viewers hence they blame the antenna for showing minimal channels.


People need to understand the fact that the broadcasting towers would be sending out the signals through something called as “Airwaves”. For those of you who have the TV antenna, it can easily intercept these signals. This allows for watching free television.

This is also known as the free signal which even the older televisions could pick up. The cable TV services did not always exist like the TV antennas. In the past, prior to the cable services the only source of entertainment was watching two or three channels through the antenna.

The technology of cable was new and all it does was to help with certain signal issues that individuals would experiencing while watching channels through antenna.

You can compare antennas to the satellite televisions wherein it can have certain amount of interference leading to degrading quality signal.

There are various factors that can lead to interference in the signal:

  • Broadcasting Tower distance: It is important to identify the distance of the broadcasting tower from your location. This tower location from the antenna would have a lot of impact when it comes to receiving the signal. Few towers would be located nearby whereas some would be too far. In case if the signal is weak, you can also make use of amplifier. The amplifier helps in strengthening the weak signals thus allowing to receive more number of channels. If the distance of the antenna and the tower is too far then probably you may not receive any channels or just few of them.
  • Obstructions: Signal can also get disrupted due to various objects that block the path between tower and antenna. The signal does not reach the antenna instead it hits the obstruction. Few obstructions such as, mountains, hills, buildings, trees etc. can cause weakening of the signal. Many a times, even the cell phone tower or the radio signals can cause disturbance.

These factors are very important and needs to be taken care so that you receive all of the channels properly. Once you are well aware of the factors that can lead to signal disruption, we can further talk about the number of channels that you would be receiving.


Most of the people are very curious to know, how many channels they would be receiving after installing a TV antenna.

This question is a tricky one. The number can change from one consumer to another.

Reason why it is difficult is because each of the broadcasting tower would be having different form of programming. Hence it is quite difficult to say that you would receive 20 or 30 channels.

Some viewers may receive 50 channels whereas some less. The ones who receive 50 are mostly those who reside in between multiple broadcasting TV stations. Hence they would be receiving additional regional channels apart from the local channels.

Regional channels are not made available to all; it depends on various factors.

After installing the antenna, I was able to receive just 15 to 20 channels. It included few of the top broadcasting programs such as, ABC, Fox, CW, CBS, etc.
I also received few local news and weather channels. By installing a long range antenna, you can receive more programming that can add up the number of channels. Some channels would be available in the HD format whereas some would be SD.

There are certain TV antennas such as TVFox which claim that by installing their antenna, viewers can receive 90 out of 100 channels. There is nothing completely false about this statement.

But the main issue is that the programming that you would receive changes from location to location. Hence do not expect to receive 90 channels from that antenna. It may or may not be possible.

However, there is nothing to feel disappointed also since you can surely receive the below mentioned channels.

  • All of the local channels.
  • More than dozens of channels
  • HD channels
  • NBC, Fox, CW, ABC
  • Sub-channels.

Hence to receive maximum number of programming, people are trying to install the antenna as high as possible. All you need is the best spot for your antenna so that it can receive signal without interruption.

Another important thing that needs to be done for receiving more channels is to face the antenna towards the direction of the tower.

Having a better signal would mean that there is less breakup on the screen and also clear-crisp picture quality.

Hence I always encourage all viewers to mount the antenna as high as possible and also to it in the direction of the tower.


There are a lot of companies stating that they can also provide HBO or Showtime.

Remember that these are premium channels are not available free over the air. You would need to subscribe for these channels separately. Premium channels are standalone products that needs separate subscription.

To sum up, on an average an individual can receive around 15 to 50 channels. All of these channels are absolutely free of cost. But the channel availability is very much dependent on tower distance, obstructions, tower range, type of antenna.

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